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Recently, there has been an unreasonable amount of talk about chronic prostatitis, advertising is being removed about drugs for prostatitis, many people are trying to make money on this topic. This is a very "convenient" diagnosis, it is even attributed to a headache. "My head hurts? Oh, I probably got it from prostatitis. " There is no need to treat provigil prostatitis at home! The treatment is long and complex. If not properly treated, the prostate turns into a hotbed of chronic infection, which then spreads throughout the body.

“If the diagnosis is correct and the therapy is selected correctly, then prostatitis responds well to treatment,” explains Sergey Kotov. - But if we are dealing with chronic pelvic painWell, standard medicines like antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs won't help. The process is more complicated and time-consuming, but everything is curable. Do not be discouraged and think that as a man he will have only problems. The psychological attitude is very important in the treatment! - By the way, how often do you need to see a urologist? “For young men, as needed, only when symptoms appear,” Sergei Savelyev replies. - For men over 45 years old - once every 12-24 months.

As you already understood, there are as many as three types of prostatitis. And they are all treated differently. Treatment for acute prostatitis with medical means is primarily aimed at its cause - infection. Therefore, antibiotics are primarily used to treat acute prostatitis. Then, to bring down the temperature and relieve pain, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs are used. Often, a single drug can handle these roles. Also, medications are prescribed that relieve swelling from the prostate and facilitate the passage of urine through provigil.

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Treatment for chronic prostatitis is also directed against the exacerbating infection, to reduce inflammation, edema, to improve the nutrition of the tissues of the prostate gland and to prevent the formation of connective tissue - by simple scars or adhesions in the prostate. By the way, many people think that surgery is done for prostatitis. But this is not the provigil.

In a global sense, surgery for prostatitis is not done. Unless we are talking about an abscess (abscess) of the prostate in acute prostatitis. Then it is opened and drained, explains Sergei Savelyev. - Remove the entire prostate only for cancer. If the patient has a so-called "cold", i.e. a previously formed abscess that was not treated or was not detected for one reason or another in acute prostatitis, but the patient has recovered globally, then TUR can be performed - transurethral resection of the prostate on a delayed basis.

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If we are talking about chronic pelvic pain, then the treatment is completely different and is selected in each case, depending on the cause that caused it. The options are already endless. The most popular alternative treatment for prostatitis is warming up. In the bathhouse and various infrared lamps, a bag of heated sand and newfangled devices, supposedly treating laser radiation and microcurrents.

Warming up can actually relax the prostate a little and relieve pain. But, since we already know that the main cause of prostatitis is infection, heating does not affect it in any way. It is even more pleasant for bacteria to reproduce in comfortable conditions. Another popular recently popular remedy for prostatitis is propolis. The Internet is simply replete with recipes on how to make propolis suppositories for prostatitis yourself.

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At home, you can follow the doctor's recommendations and take the prescribed medications, ”explains Sergey Savelyev. - A good effect is given by microclysters with decoctions of herbs as part of a complex treatment together with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. But which collection to use in your case, you need to decide together with the doctor, since everything is very individual and there may be an allergy to some of the components.